40-year paramedic veteran Brian McLuckie ASM honoured

Press Release
  • Veteran Ambulance Paramedic Brian McLuckie has been celebrated for 40 years of service at St John WA;
  • Mr McLuckie has built a reputation as a champion for pre-hospital clinical innovation across his career which included the introduction of the scoop stretcher and instrumental in advocating for new pharmaceutical interventions when the service was in its clinical infancy.
  • He humbly acknowledged the highs, lows and privilege of serving humanity to the best of his ability.

Ambulance Paramedic Brian McLuckie ASM has experienced the transformation of pre-hospital care over 40 years serving the Western Australian community with St John WA on the emergency ambulance front line.

In marking his fourth decade, colleagues and friends paid tribute to Brian saying he had built a reputation not only as an exceptional clinician passionate about innovation, but also a warm, friendly and committed mentor for ambulance team members in the formative years of their careers.

St John WA Ambulance Operations Manager Naomi Powell said Brian was well known for leading implementation of new equipment and drugs, most notably the adoption of Ferno Washington Scoop Stretchers and the previously used oxygen treatment bag “the McTaff bag”.

In recognition of his contributions, Brian was honoured with the Ambulance Service Medal in 2010.

“Forty years front line service is most certainly something which I am and will be reflecting upon. Many highs in that time with probably just as many lows. Above all, it has been a privilege to have served humanity to the best of my ability,” he said.

Brian’s journey in the ambulance service began in 1976 when he was just 21 years old in Scotland.

“At that time, both myself and the Scottish Ambulance Service were ill-equipped to deal with trauma. I have witnessed pre-hospital care come a long way over the past 46 years of my service,” he said. 

Brian also took a moment to share some advice for members of the emergency ambulance team in their early years: “Please do not discount or be dismissive of older, wiser paramedics. You will quickly realise that obtaining a degree in Paramedicine was the easy part, gaining and retaining experience is the hardest. Above all, enjoy the challenges you will face into the future.”

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