After tragedy, a mother urges drivers to Click to Save on, Fatality Free Friday

Press Release

Today is ‘Fatality Free Friday’ and the message is simple; if we can go one day without a death on the road, we can demonstrate the impact a focus on road safety can have every day.

St John WA wants to encourage all road users to learn vital first aid skills with our free, online first aid course.

Few people know the importance of road safety and first aid like Natalie McCormack.

Natalie’s son Jack tragically died in a road accident last year, but first responders provided the gift of time to her and her family to say their final farewells to their beloved son and brother.

“First aiders allowed us to have time to say goodbye to our 21-year-old son when he was killed in a freeway incident in August last year,” Natalie said.

“He was helping an Ola driver change a flat tyre in the freeway emergency lane when he was hit by another car.

“We were so grateful strangers stopped to help him, and are now even more passionate about the importance of first aid.”

Jack’s brother is 16 and just starting to learn how to drive, and Natalie said education in first aid was a priority as her teenage son takes to the road.

“When we learnt there was a dedicated and free 30-minute digital first aid course for new drivers we felt it so important to encourage others to participate,” she said.

“Our journey shows you just never know when you may need to know first aid.”

Road accidents vary in severity, and it only takes four minutes for an unconscious road victim with no serious injury to die from a blocked airway, making first aid essential even in what may seem like a minor situation.

By administering basic first aid, 15 per cent of road accident deaths can be prevented.

This Fatality Free Friday, take 30 minute and Click to Save.

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