At 52 floors up, meet WA’s highest medic

Press Release
  • St John WA Industry Medical Services medic Geordie Torrese is WA’s high-flyer, working atop the 52-stroey D&C Built construction at Elizabeth Quay
  • Geordie is tasked with safeguarding the wellbeing and safety of workers
  • For medics looking for a new experience, Geordie recommends Industry Medical Services as a platform to explore such unique opportunities.

Geordie Torrese is a site medic at D&C Built, currently providing medical care to the construction workers on an ongoing 52-storey construction site at Elizabeth Quay.

Geordie started with St John WA as a volunteer four years ago, then eventually transitioned to an event medic and is now with Industry Medical Services.

“I became a site medic through word-of-mouth and hearing about other people getting into it. I found the qualifications that I needed to get, got them, and then just put my name in,” Geordie said.

Geordie is a strong advocate for safety and always encourages the workers to take precautions. He also deals with common work-related wounds such as cuts, abrasions and crush injuries.   

“The scope of my training is across a range of different things in occupational health and safety, fire and rescue and medical side of things,” Geordie said.

St John WA first responders are often in crews. It’s been an adjustment being solo, but he loves it.

“Not being in a crew is definitely a different work environment but thankfully we’ve got our Clinical Support Paramedics (CSPs) in the call centres who are always able to help out, so you’re never really alone,” he said.

One of the most challenging aspects of the job is the height of the building.

“Being aware of the risks of working at heights, such as falls and fatigue, is of primary importance to me. And personally, being at the top makes me a bit nervous too. But as much as it’s scary, it’s also quite fun!” Geordie said.

Despite the challenges, Geordie loves what he does. He is proud of his job and knows that he is making a difference in the lives of the workers on the site.

On a day-to-day basis, Geordie looks after the overall safety induction along with Gus Weston-Arnold, the Environment, Health and Safety Manager of D&C Built.

“It’s been fantastic having Geordie in the team. Having an experienced professional like himself takes a lot of pressure off us. Geordie brings professionalism, knowledge and just having someone there at all times who can back you up and make good quality decisions when someone is injured and what treatment it needs, is all a great support system,” Gus said.

The mere presence of a site medic is a reassurance that help is within reach, fostering a sense of security among the workers.

Geordie recommends Industry Medical Services to all medics who would like to try something new – find current vacancies at St John here.

“I recommend giving it a crack if you can. Look at working solo for a bit, get used to training alone and adjust to working with heights. It’s not a normal job getting out here and getting to these heights. It’s definitely a lot of fun!” he said.

Industry Medical Services (IMS) provide a wide range of medical services to workers on commercial sites, including mines, remote nursing posts, exploration sites, offshore facilities, and custodial facilities. IMS recruits clinical personnel for short-term and long-term assignments and supports a broad range of client needs. Find out more here.

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