Barramundi artwork a vibrant tribute to stunning East Kimberley   

Press Release

The St John WA (SJWA) Wyndham team is sporting vibrant new training shirts showcasing the creativity of a talented local artist.   

The artwork features barramundi swimming in the blue water holes and rivers of the stunning East Kimberley region.   

It was created by proud Balanggarra and Gidja woman Khandice French in tribute to her culture, family, and hometown of Wyndham.   

Khandice said she was raised catching barramundi in the beautiful Pentecost, Ord and King Rivers, fond memories she incorporated into the piece.   

As well as featuring on the new shirts, the artwork now hangs on the walls of the SJWA Wyndham Sub Centre.  

“The small dot paintings represent the water holes and rivers, and the larger centre dot painting represents the hidden holes in the rivers where they swim about,” Khandice said.  

Wyndham Community Paramedic Simon Turnbull said the team had wanted unique shirts to represent their region for years and Khandice’s painting was the perfect fit.  

“We wanted to engage with someone locally to create a design that was simple but representative of what it means to be in the East Kimberley,” he said.   

“It has been really well received, which is fantastic, and our team love wearing the shirts to training and to represent SJWA” 

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