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Brooke’s Story – Sing Their Praises | St John WA


Brooke, like so many who have called upon St John, woke up on the day of her mother’s 60th birthday thinking that it would be full of joy and celebration.

Instead, the severe abdominal pain which greeted her quickly turned into an emergency call to Triple Zero (000), followed by an ambulance and a helicopter flight to Perth for life-saving surgery.

Following her recovery, Brooke’s doctors told her that if it hadn’t been for the quick thinking of the St John staff, she would not be alive today.

Incredibly thankful for the support and care she received from St John, and inspired by one of her rescuers, Brooke trained as a volunteer ambulance medic at her local Waroona Sub Centre.

When she’s not looking after her three daughters, Brooke saves others in her community.

Four years after that fateful day, Brooke thanked those who changed her life.

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