Confidence makes the difference, senior first aider says.

Press Release
  • St John is holding free first aid course to help Mandurah locals aged over 65 access first aid training.
  • New research has revealed people aged over 65 are most likely to have outdated first aid skills,
  • Less than five percent of Australians are equipped with the skills which could save a life.

Cathy Jackson has held first aid certification for over 30 years and knows first hand it is a skill which sould save a life.

The Mandurah local has thrown her support behind a St John initiative to run a free first aid course for people aged over 65 in the local community after research reavealed they were the age group most likely to have out-dated skills.

“One night I was coming home from dinner, when two cars had a head-on collision in front of us. I was straight out of the car to assess the situation and help in any way I could until the ambulance arrived,” Ms Jackson said.

“As I got back to the car, after the paramedics had arrived, I realised I was the only person on the ground helping. That moment made me understand how important my first aid skills really were.”

Research commissioend by St John revealed 20 per cent of people aged over 65 in had held a first aid certification in the past, but just 9 per cent would be confident to provide first aid assistance in an emergency.

St John Mandurah-based First Aid Trainer Jeanie Hill said she was proud to know that World First Aid Day, celebrated on September 10, was encouraging the uptake of first aid courses in the community.

“First aid is a lifelong skill that everyone should know. When something happens at home, on the street, or at your workplace, having first aid skills allows you to help someone in need,” Ms Hill said. 

To register interest in the free September 20 course, contact 08 9334 1233.

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