Frontline numbers get a boost with fresh first responders

Press Release

St John WA has welcomed 33 new Student Ambulance Officers to the frontline, with the new starters beginning their on-road shifts on April 2.

The ranks have also been boosted with four direct-entry Paramedics starting on April 3.

This is in addition to 23 Ambulance Officers going through the final stages of their progression to paramedic.

St John paramedics and clinical volunteers provide emergency medical response across the state of Western Australia, an area that covers more than 2.5 million square kilometres or 33 per cent of the total landmass of Australia.

The metropolitan ambulance service within the Perth metropolitan region is serviced by highly trained and qualified paramedical team.

Larger regional centres are serviced by mixed crews consisting of career paramedics working with highly trained clinical volunteers.

Crews consisting of clinical volunteers cover the remainder of the state.

Becoming a St John paramedic is more than just another job.

Paramedics are courageous, caring, confident, and patient.

They put themselves on the front-line of pre-hospital medical care every day, making life-changing decisions.

Paramedics work collaboratively with the broader St John organisation and other health care and emergency services to provide quality, patient-centred care to the WA community. 

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