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For so many, a reliable means of transport is a significant challenge that makes getting to and from appointments a stressful experience. That’s where St John’s Community Transport Service (CTS) comes in – our service is there to meet the non-emergency transport needs of those unable to use public transport or their usual means of transportation.

St John CTS provides transport to the broader community ranging from the elderly, people with chronic illness to those with injuries that prevent them from driving. The service is for ambulant passengers who don’t have any significant cognitive impairment and can self-transfer in and out of a sedan vehicle without assistance or en route medical assistance.

The service can be used to travel to medical, hospital and specialist appointments, whether it’s to one of our St John Health services or your own medical provider. It also extends to our passenger’s carer or companion at no additional charge, so you can travel knowing you have the help you need.

By choosing St John CTS, we can provide a reliable and cost-effective transport solution to meet your needs. The service offers a range of transport options tailored to the needs of our passengers and can also be included in your Consumer Directed Care Packages.
Going to appointments can often be a stressful experience, and that’s why we are here to offer a helping hand. We can provide a companion service as an additional extra, meaning you will have one of our friendly team members there before and after your medical appointment.

Here, we’ll take you through the countless ways our transport service can assist you.

Community Transport

Transport to GP and Dental Appointments

Did you know you can take advantage of our Community Transport Service to get to and from your standard GP consultations or dental appointments?

Whether you need transportation to your appointment or perhaps you are unable to drive post-appointment, our committed team will make sure you get to your destination safely. All you need to do is call our friendly booking team 2pm the day before and we will organise the rest, taking the stress and hassle out of your day.

Transport to Specialist Appointment

Our Community Transport Service isn’t just for routine GP and dental visits. The service is there to assist you with a range of needs, including specialist medical appointments, such as getting to cancer or dialysis treatments. The nature of these appointments means patients may likely need to travel to and from their provider multiple times per week, making it challenging to rely on loved ones or public transport. That’s why our team is here to put together a schedule custom to your needs, so that you know you have transportation when you need it.

Perhaps you can’t drive due to a recent injury and need help getting to your checkup appointments. Our service is the perfect solution to get to your chiropractor, physiotherapist, or occupational therapy appointment, even if you only need help for a short period of time.


Transport to Social Activities

We know how important it is to stay social and connected with your community; that’s why you can also use our service to travel to community centres or activities that promote social interaction. Don’t let transportation be the reason that you can’t get to activities that are important to you.

Transport to Scheduled Hospital Appointments

Finally, you can also use our service for any of your non-emergency hospital appointments. Our Community Transport Service ensures an on-time pick-up and arrival to your consultation in one of our dedicated vehicles, making a challenging time just a little bit easier.

Plus, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands since each of our community transport vehicles is equipped with automatic external defibrillators, first aid supplies and fire extinguishers to ensure optimum safety throughout the journey.


For bookings, contact Community Transport Services on (08) 9334 1300

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