HIF donation equips WA kids with lifesaving skills

Press Release
  • First Aid training for 3000 WA primary school children has been supported by a donation from HIF
  • The $15,000 donation will support children from seven schools to learn life-saving skills
  • HIF’s partnership helps St John WA to create stronger more resilient communities.

Primary school children will be trained in dealing with first aid emergencies thanks to a $15,000 donation to St John WA from HIF.

More than 3,000 students from seven Perth schools will benefit from First Aid Focus training with South Halls Head Primary School, Pioneer Village School in Armadale, and North Balga Primary School locked in as the first beneficiaries.

“On average, one child calls our State Operations Centre each month asking for help for a parent or carer. It is never too young to learn potentially life-saving first aid skills,” St John WA Chief Executive Officer Michelle Fyfe said. “Emergencies don’t wait for grown-ups. Children are some of our most precious and important callers.”

HIF Chief Executive Officer Justin James said the health insurer was pleased to work with St John to deliver important services and training in health emergencies to young West Australians.

“HIF’s aim is to work with St John WA to help close the gaps and provide greater access to healthcare by helping to fund important community initiatives,” Mr James said.

“First Aid is an essential tool for us all. If we can learn these skills earlier in life and equip children to be prepared to keep a cool head and take the initiative in an emergency, then that’s a wonderful outcome.”

St John WA’s First Aid Focus program provides free age-appropriate First Aid skills for WA schools suitable for children from pre-kindy to high school.

Western Australian schools can register their interest to book St John WA’s free in-school First Aid Focus training program here.

With more than 130 years experience, St John WA has equipped the community with the tools, time, and knowledge to overcome medical challenges that will help save and protect the lives of Western Australians.

HIF’s partnership helps St John WA to create stronger more resilient communities, while providing better access to high quality healthcare for HIF members.

HIF is a founding partner of St John Giving, St John WA’s fundraising initiative.

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