How to make 2020 the year for first aid

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1. Download the St John First Responder App

If you haven’t already installed this free app on your smart device, then make it a priority to download it today. The St John First Responder App has an abundance of first aid resources at your fingertips, which could help you save a life in an emergency.

Aside from first aid instructions on how to treat basic injuries, the app also features live hospital wait times, defibrillator locations and you can opt in to become a first responder, helping someone in an emergency before the ambulance arrives.The free app is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Check for expired first aid items in your kit

You may not be aware that your first aid materials can expire. This can affect your ability to give adequate first aid if your stock is out of date. It’s best to go through your kit and replenish anything that may be expired or needs restocking.

You can find a comprehensive list of contents here depending on which St John first aid kit you own. If you don’t have a first aid kit, you can view our range here. As an added bonus, RAC members get 15% off all kits!

3. Learn how to do CPR

It’s 2020 and everyone should now know how to perform CPR. If you haven’t learnt this life-saving technique, better late than never! Administering early CPR and defibrillation is proven to increase patient’s survival rates. Knowing how to perform CPR could help you save someone you love should they ever need it.

There are a number of ways you can learn CPR these days, but we recommend attending a first aid course where you can learn straight from the state ambulance service. That way you know you’re learning the same way as our ambos.

4. Give back to your community as a Volunteer

Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding experience. It feels good giving back to your community and helping others in need. St John has an array of different volunteer opportunities suited to anyone over the age of 18. Why not look into how St John can help kick-start your volunteer journey?

Learn more about how you can give back to your community through St John WA. Both metro and regional options are available.

5. Help get more life-saving defibrillators into the community

Fire extinguishers are compulsory in most workplaces because they help save lives, so why isn’t this the same for defibrillators? Every minute a cardiac arrest patient is not defibrillated, their chance of survival drops by 10%. Having more publicly accessible defibrillators in the community will help increase patient survival rates.

St John aims to put 100 defibrillators into suburbs around WA that really need it most. You can help us do this by donating to Defib Drive.

Alternatively, you can speak with our first aid team on (08) 9334 1233 for more information on how to turn your street into a Defib Drive.

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