Local MP thanks bystander for using the defib that saved his life

Press Release

12 months ago, local MP and Aussie Home Loan principal Paul Filing suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while training at his local gym in Joondalup. 

Fellow gym members and staff rotated performing CPR and issuing shocks to Paul’s heart using the onsite defibrillator. 

Before his cardiac arrest, Paul was unaware of the importance of having publicly accessible defibrillators and now, he’s grateful seeing more installed around his community. 

“I was very fortunate that there were people at the gym who were trained in CPR… they managed to apply the defibrillator, resuscitate me and get me to treatment as quickly as possible,” Mr Filing said.

“It’s made me realise that it could happen to you at any time… the more there are around the community, the better chance people who have a similar experience have of survival.”

As part of the Defib Drive campaign St John is looking to provide more publicly accessible defibrillators across Perth and regional Western Australia. Because every community deserves to have a defib nearby – and a chance to survive.

Learn more about how your donation can help bring a defib into a WA community that needs it most. Visit today.

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