New St John WA partnership with The Wiggles to support kids and families

Press Release
  • The global children’s juggernaut The Wiggles have joined with St John WA in a new three-year partnership to bring first aid education and understanding to children and families.
  • In the first partnership of its kind in WA, kids across Western Australia will have more opportunities to learn about triple-zero calls, first aid, and what to do when emergencies happen before the ambulance arrives.
  • The new partnership is part of St John WA’s vision for every school child to have access to free first aid training in WA to build stronger, more resilient communities.

One of the world’s most popular children’s groups, The Wiggles, has teamed up with St John WA under a three-year partnership to increase education and understanding to children and families about the importance of first aid skills and what to do in an emergency.

St John WA Chief Executive Officer Michelle Fyfe said every year, St John WA transports almost 10,000 children aged under 10 in often distressing circumstances.

“Often the first time a child will be in an ambulance is when they’re in distress or in pain. It’s important this experience establishes confidence from a young age that St John is here to help. We will work with the Wiggles to instil a story for children about how their community wraps around them to provide care through St John and the way we build resilience,” Ms Fyfe said.

“It is not unusual for very young children to call triple zero and save the life of a parent or guardian and that shows how powerful young children can be in building resilient communities who know what to do when emergencies happen.”

St John WA delivers free first aid training to about 10 per cent of school-aged children in Western Australia each year, with a target to close the resilience gap via its First Aid Focus program.

Wiggles CEO Stephen Cottrell said: “We are very excited to be partnering with St John WA to increasing the number of WA children that are trained in first aid and to help them to build a next generation of first responders who will know what to do in an emergency.”

This partnership will also reach parents and grandparents highlighting the importance of everyone knowing first aid and encouraging them to mentor and set an example for the next generation.

“We know from feedback the most terrifying time of an emergency can occur before emergency services arrive. Our goal is to give Western Australians the skills and confidence to take steps that could save a life,” Ms Fyfe said. “This is a great brand partnership. Most people have children who have grown up loving The Wiggles. It’s a natural fit for our brand,” Ms Fyfe said.

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