New video sets out to put children’s minds at ease over ‘scary’ ambulances

Press Release

For many children, hospitals and ambulances can be frightening places.

They are bright, sometimes loud, and things move very quickly.

Add in illness to these sensory overloads and it’s no wonder an emergency can be so frightening for children.

So when the Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital approached St John WA for a nice picture of an ambulance they could show children to prepare them in case they needed to take a sudden trip, we went one better.

The St John Content Team’s latest video was made with children in mind and, thanks to the amazing on-screen presence of Andy – our superstar paramedic – it is a straightforward explanation of the ambulance experience, tailored directly to the youngest members of our community.

According to the AWCHWA, with a significant number of children experiencing hospitalisation – and ambulance trips – unexpectedly, it is generally accepted these experiences can have immediate and/or long-lasting psychological effects.

We are hopeful our video goes some way to easing the fears children may have around ambulances, lights, sirens, and even paramedics.

To learn more about AWCHWA, click here.

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