Nursing and knowing you make a difference

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There are many things that prompt someone to undertake a career in healthcare.

For St John WA Urgent Care Nurse, Kirsty Kefford, it was growing up and seeing her mother wish she could have been a nurse.

Her mother’s curiosity in the field meant Kirsty and her sisters grew up watching every possible medical show including RPA, ER and of course All Saints.

After her twin sister and older sister embarked on their nursing careers, Kirsty jumped into the field herself.

She has never regretted this decision.

After working in emergency departments and regional communities, Kirsty decided to make a career move to Urgent Care nursing.

“Every shift in Urgent Care is different and unpredictable, which is why I enjoy it,” Kirsty said.

“Our patients are so happy to receive thorough and efficient healthcare which avoids long waits at ED.

“Grateful patients really help with job satisfaction.

“I love knowing my job adds value to the community.

“Every shift I go home, knowing I’ve made a difference to people’s lives”.

This year Kirsty celebrated a career milestone by receiving the WA Nurses Service Medal for serving at least 10 years as a nurse.

Making this moment even more special was the fact she received the medal alongside her twin sister, making them the first twin pair to be presented on the same day.

The purpose of the award is to show that nurses deserve to be recognised for their commitment and service to their communities.

Unlike other public officers, nurses are not automatically granted the recognition for their years of service and must be nominated.

As for aspiring nurses, Kirsty had the following advice to give: “Always remember it is a privilege to care for people in some of the most challenging times of their lives.

“Nursing isn’t always an easy job, but it has so many positives – you are never bored, you’re constantly learning and you get to experience some really amazing things.”

St John WA has a wide variety of nurses working within our organisation and we are incredibly proud and grateful for the contributions they make to the WA community.


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