Perth grandmother reunites with paramedics who saved her life

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  • Cardiac arrest survivor Katherine Brett had the chance to reunite with the St John WA paramedics who saved her,
  • Only one in ten people survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest,
  • Every minute without first aid intervention reduces the chance of survival by 10per cent.

In a heartwarming moment captured on camera, Katherine, a Perth grandmother, was reunited with St John WA paramedics who played a pivotal role in saving her life after having a sudden cardiac arrest.

The emotional reunion highlights the critical importance of timely medical intervention in such emergencies, where every minute without first aid intervention reduces the chance of survival by 10per cent.

Katherine’s ordeal unfolded in her kitchen when she suddenly collapsed.

It was her sister, Hillary, visiting from interstate, who sprang into action.

Hilary called Triple Zero (000) and followed the instructions of the St John WA call taker by immediately initiating chest compressions for the seven critical minutes before St John WA paramedics arrived.

“I’m so utterly grateful for every single day that I have now,” Katherine explained.

“My sister Hilary and the amazing paramedics are the reason I was saved,” she said.

The statistics surrounding cardiac arrest are sobering, with only around one in ten people surviving an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Jason Belcher, St John WA Resuscitation Improvement Specialist, emphasised the importance of first aid intervention.

“Anyone who is unconscious and not breathing normally should be treated as if they’re in cardiac arrest until proven otherwise, and immediately call Triple Zero (000) and start CPR,” he said.

“What happened in Katherine’s case is everything went right. It is a great example of the chain of survival being put into practice and working.”

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