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Refresh for St John WA’s mental health first aid course

Press Release

St John WA has given its First Aid for Mental Health course a refresh, just in time for Mental Health Week.

The updated course will be on offer from October 16, and has been updated with the most recent statistics and latest clinical information around mental health issues.

The course is designed to assist the everyday person to assist someone suffering with a mental health issue, and attendees will learn how to recognise the signs of mental health issues in their family, friends, and colleagues.

Three bespoke St John WA animations have been produced to dive deeper into the important first steps of assisting someone with stress, anxiety and depression.

These videos are brand new to the delivery of this course and have been produced with the most current information around mental health, and clinically proven steps that should be taken to assist someone who is struggling.  

Students are given scenarios to test and challenge their knowledge throughout the course, and a fresh landing page which provides up-to-date information on resources, apps and support services is available HERE.

St John WA teaches participants how to reach out to colleagues, friends and family with the one-day course, and also trains people in how to provide support for others – or themselves – in a mental health crisis.

The course helps participants build knowledge and understanding about stress, depression, anxiety and suicide, and learn the importance of the crucial first steps in helping someone to seek professional ongoing care.

To book a First Aid for Mental Health course, go to

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