Revamped Sub Centre in Pinjarra revitalises volunteer service

Press Release
  • Massive $1 million revamp for Pinjarra Sub Centre to create a vibrant and engaged volunteer experience,
  • Totally refurbished a 30-year old facility to bring facilities into the modern era
  • Pinjarra completes about 2400 ambulance cases each year, and has a dedicated team of about 70 Volunteer Ambulance Officers.

A new $1 million upgraded Sub Centre has opened in Pinjarra, revitalising a 30-year old facility to attract and retain volunteers to the service.

The expansion project has significantly improved the facilities, enabling the Sub Centre to better serve the community and its dedicated team of about 70 Volunteer Ambulance Officers.

The expansion of the Pinjarra Sub Centre, which began construction in April 2022, was managed by Sophine Pfuhl Architect and built by Tydan Constructions.

The new 80 square meter facility includes a modern training room for volunteer and first aid training, wheelchair access, improved office facilities, a space for meal breaks, an undercover alfresco area for functions, and updated St John WA branding.

Last year the Pinjarra Sub Centre completed more than 2400 ambulance cases, and delivered training to 365 people, demonstrating the vital role of the Sub Centre in providing emergency medical services to the community.

Emergency ambulance response in Western Australia is supported by about 4000 volunteers who donate their time and expertise to cover the biggest footprint of any single ambulance service in the world — 2.5 million square kilometres or 33 per cent of the Australian landmass.

Pinjarra is one of about 160 resonse locations across regional Western Australia, which includes 140 volunteer response locations and 20 sub centres with a mix of volunteer ambulance officers and career paramedics who work side-by-side.

St John Ambulance Executive Director Deon Brink said the Pinjarra upgrade addressed limitations of the old building including insufficient space for functions and lack of universal access facilities.

“This is a major upgrade which further enhances the capacity of the Pinjarra Sub Centre to serve the community and support the dedicated team of Volunteer Ambulance Officers,” Mr Brink said.

The official opening ceremony took place on May 18 and marked a new chapter for the Pinjarra Sub Centre and St John WA’s ongoing commitment to providing exceptional emergency medical services to the people of Western Australia.Volunteer here:

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