Revived veteran cyclist now pushing for more defibs in communities

Press Release

It was just like any other day when Bruce Hunt went for his daily bike ride, but things quickly spiralled after he collapsed suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest. 

“I usually go on my own, but on this particular day I decided to meet up with a group of riders… I just can’t believe that it happened to me”.

A fellow cyclist performed CPR on Bruce for 10 minutes before he was successfully resuscitated by the attending paramedics with a defibrillator. The early intervention of CPR accommodated by the defibrillator helped save his life. 

“There was no indication that anything was ever wrong with me and the fact that I’m here is just amazing,” Mr Hunt said.

“It’s become obvious that defibs do save lives, and the more that can get out there… it’s going to be beneficial to everyone.”

As part of the Defib Drive campaign St John is looking to provide more publicly accessible defibrillators across Perth and regional Western Australia. Because every community deserves to have a defib nearby – and a chance to survive.

Learn more about how your donation can help bring a defib into a WA community that needs it most. Visit today.

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