Safety tips for enjoying Australia Day

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As it is one of the most popular holidaying weekends of the year, it is also one of the busiest for paramedics and ambulance crews as people venture to regional and often remote locations.

St John Ambulance Area Manager Blaise Rego said as many campers would be in unfamiliar surroundings, there was an even greater need to ensure first aid kits contained appropriate supplies.

“First aid kits should always include staples such as paracetamol, band aids, bandages, sunscreen and antiseptic cream,” Blaise said.

“But we’d also ask that people think about their destination and the kind of activities they will be doing and adapt their first aid kit accordingly.

“For example, campers and hikers will want to pack thermal blankets, cold packs and sterile dressings.

“Above all, we encourage people to drive safely and exercise common sense especially in areas they’re unfamiliar with. The St John first responder app is also a good tool for people heading bush as it can provide your exact location to our call centre if you run into trouble and need an ambulance.”

Meanwhile, St John will continue to play a major role at the annual Perth Skyworks event with more than 130 personnel located at key vantage points along the Swan River and in Kings Park. Included in this contingent will be two water ambulances – a collaboration between St John and the Department of Transport (DoT). The DoT PV1 and PV2 boats will patrol the Swan River, tending to any medical emergencies that occur on the water.

Blaise said St John was tremendously proud of its ongoing association with this signature event and looked forward to seeing a huge crowd by the river on Australia Day.

“In recent years crowds have been pretty responsive to safety messages around overindulging in alcohol or spending too long in the sun but we still expect it to be a busy night for our people,” Blaise said.

“We’d encourage people to drink alcohol in moderation, stay out of the sun during the heat of the day, hydrate, use sunblock and make sure that they stay safe if out on the water.”

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