Service to humanity acknowledged in bumper event

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  • 78 members of St John WA awarded at the 2023 Investiture event at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre,
  • The traditional ceremony invests St John team members into the Order of St John who have gone over and above their duty to the organisation or community,
  • Chair Sally Carbon OAM said the newly invested members were progressing their journey with the organisation at an exciting time of renewal.

Almost 80 members of the St John WA team were recognised for their ongoing service to humanity at a bumper Investiture event at the start of April.

Investiture is a traditional ceremony welcoming or promoting staff and volunteers to the Order of St John for going over and above their duty to the organisation or community. The event was led by Led by the Governor of Western Australia, Honourable Chris Dawson AC APM who was installed as also Knight Commander of the Order of St John in January. 

At the event, St John WA Board Chair Sally Carbon said she was looking forward to engaging with Order Members in a year of renewal, enabling the Board and the Group CEO to progress St John WA towards a bright and enjoyable future for the betterment of every Western Australian.

“This new generation of members and promotions encourages the Order to grow as a  contemporary, relevant, vibrant, and meaningful West Australian organisation,” Ms Carbon said.

The Order of St John is a global royal order of chivalry, and charity, established under the Authority of Queen Victoria during 1888. A membership to the Order of St John is a recognised honour under the Australian Honours System and presents itself as an excellent opportunity to pay tribute to the extraordinary members of the St John WA community, past, present and future.

Members who are Officers and above are voting members so take an active role in shaping the future of St John WA.

The event included admission of 57 new members to the Order, nine promotions and 12 Commandery Commendations.

Promotion to Commander

  • Sally Carbon, OAM CStJ, Perth
  • Elizabeth (Elsa) Drage, ASM CStJ, Gt Southern

Promotion to Officer

  • Erica Duffett, OStJ, Southwest
  • Justin Fonte, OStJ, Perth
  • Robert (Bob) James, ASM OStJ, Wheatbelt
  • Steven Petchell, OStJ, Wheatbelt

Admission as Officer

  • Terry Keys, OAM OStJ, Southwest
  • Jennifer Rayner, OStJ, Southwest
  • Thomas (Tom) Sands, OStJ, Wheatbelt

Admission as Member

  • Jo Addis, MStJ, Gt Southern
  • Murray Allum, MStJ, Perth
  • Pearl Astley, MStJ, Perth
  • Paul Bailey, MStJ, Perth
  • Stephen Beaton, ASM MStJ, Metro Ops
  • Christina (Chris) Blake, MStJ, Perth
  • Sheree Blechynden, MStJ, Wheatbelt
  • Michael Booth, MStJ, Northwest
  • Samantha Boulton, MStJ, Southwest
  • Bronwyn Bradshaw, MStJ, Gt Southern
  • Rudi Brits, MStJ, Perth
  • Eileen Buckley, MStJ, Wheatbelt
  • Maureen Collett, MStJ, Morley
  • Dawn Corry, MStJ, Perth
  • Robyn Crabbe, MStJ, Gt Southern
  • Wayne Cranstoun, MStJ, Southwest
  • Phil Cross, MStJ, Northwest
  • Joseph (Joe) Cuthbertson, MStJ, Perth
  • Lekkisha Duncan, MStJ, Perth
  • Timothy Dunlop, MStJ, Goldfields
  • Glyn Harrington, MStJ, Wheatbelt
  • Sally Izod, MStJ, Southwest
  • Keva Jankovic, MStJ, Wheatbelt
  • Nicola Jones, MStJ, Southwest
  • Paul Kightly, MStJ, Gt Southern
  • Brendon Ladner, MStJ, Wheatbelt
  • Daniel Lightowler, MStJ, EHS
  • Lynette Linz, MStJ, Southwest
  • Marion MacDougall, MStJ, Gt Southern
  • Heather Malacari, MStJ, Gt Southern
  • Vicki Maughan, MStJ, EHS
  • Joel Moore, MStJ, Perth
  • Lawrence (Larry) Morgan, MStJ, Southwest
  • Christopher (Chris) Mott, MStJ, Southwest
  • Paul Munro, MStJ, Goldfields
  • William (Will) Nightingale, MStJ, Wheatbelt
  • Suzanne (Sue) Nikoletti, MStJ, Gt Southern
  • Craig Pearce, MStJ, EHS
  • Ross Pederick, MStJ, EHS
  • Peter Pendlebury, MStJ, Wheatbelt
  • Wendy Price, ASM MStJ, Gt Southern
  • David Rae, MStJ, Gt Southern
  • Brenda Reilly, MStJ, Southwest
  • Michael Ridgway, MStJ, Goldfields
  • Dan Rose, MStJ, Perth
  • Tracy Scott, MStJ, Wheatbelt
  • Lisa Sharratt, MStJ, Northwest
  • Stephen (Steve) Sims, MStJ, Goldfields
  • Antony Smithson, MStJ, Perth
  • Karen Stewart, MStJ, Perth
  • Mark Tap, MStJ, Perth
  • Ian Telfer, ASM MStJ, Southwest
  • Craig Telford, ASM MStJ, Metro Ops
  • Belinda Thorne, MStJ, Perth
  • Gary Willcox, MStJ, Country Ambulance
  • Gary Wilson, MStJ, Metro Ops
  • Alan Wright, MStJ, Metro Ops

Commandery Commendation

  • Ginette Brugmens, Northwest
  • Michael (Mike) Alexander Cuthbertson, Mid West
  • James Reginald David Durrant, Goldfields
  • Dannii Rennae Macintyre, Southwest
  • Natalie Manks, Midwest
  • Jarrod Marsh, Wheatbelt
  • Laurton McGurk, EHS
  • John Stuart McQueen, Goldfields
  • Katie Nelson, EHS
  • Amy Smith , Midwest
  • Debby Ann Thompson, Southwest
  • Kirkley ‘Kirk’ Thomas Whiting, Goldfields
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