South West primary school students empowered with lifesaving first aid skills

Press Release
  • First aid training for about 1500 primary school students in Collie and surrounding areas has been
    made possible by a donation from Bendigo Bank,
  • Community Bank Collie & Districts donated almost $20,000 to enable St John WA to roll-out free first aid classes in five local primary schools,
  • SJWA’s First Aid Focus program delivered first aid training to 85,000 students across WA in the last
    financial year.

Hundreds of South West primary school students have gained vital first aid skills to use in an emergency
thanks to a helping hand from Bendigo Bank.

St John WA (SJWA) has begun the roll-out of its free First Aid Focus program to about 1500 students across five local primary schools made possible by Bendigo Bank’s Community Bank Collie & Districts’ donation of almost $20,000.

Community education officers visited St Brigid’s Primary School and Allanson Primary School last month to empower students with age-appropriate first aid skills they can use in a medical emergency.

Students learned what a medical emergency looks like and the steps they can take to help themselves or
others if they are faced with one.

St Brigid’s School students Leyroy, Tyler and Riley.

SJWA Chief Preventative Officer Megs O’Donnell said it was never too early for students to learn first aid

“In WA, about one child calls Triple Zero (000) for their parent or carer each month, meaning educational
programs can save lives,” she said.

“We want to make sure all WA students are equipped with the knowledge they need to not only recognise an emergency but to act.

“Teaching young Collie and Allanson locals these vital skills has the potential to have a significant impact on the resilience of the entire community.”

Community Bank Collie & Districts Chairman Jeff Riley said educating children about first aid was an important life skill.

St Brigid’s School student Quinn, 4, and St John WA Community Education Officer Charlie Green.

“While it’s an unpleasant thought, children can be confronted with an emergency situation at any time,” he said.

“If a child can provide basic first aid assistance, they have the opportunity to save a life.

“At Community Bank Collie & Districts, we enjoyed working with St John WA to give local children the
confidence and skills to cope under pressure and provide what could be the difference between life and

SJWA provided free in-school first aid education to more than 85,000 students across WA in the last financial year.

The program aims to make first aid part of everyone’s lives by offering tailored classes suitable for
students from pre-kindy to Year 10.

WA schools interested in booking a SJWA First Aid Focus training program can find out more here.

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