St John advice for Anzac Day participants

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With tens of thousands expected to attend Anzac Day services across WA on Tuesday 25 April, St John Ambulance will deploy one of its biggest logistical operations of the year.

This year, St John Ambulance event medical officers will attend nearly 30 remembrance services across metropolitan Perth, including the Kings Park Dawn Service and the Perth Anzac Parade.

St John Event Health Services General Manager Phil Martin said as well as drawing larger numbers each year, Anzac Day presented a unique set of circumstances requiring considerable logistics.

“The Dawn Service and Anzac Parade, in addition to the smaller community services, engages a wide range of ages,” Mr Martin said.

“In particular, the high number of elderly people attending both events is quite unique and requires specific planning. As a result, the mobilisation of people and resources that goes into Anzac Day requires almost 12 months planning.”

“However, our reputation and track record demonstrate St John is best placed to deal with events of this size.”

St John will deploy more than 150 officers across 26 metropolitan locations from Joondalup to Mandurah. 34 personnel will be in attendance at Kings Park for the Dawn Service and a further 44 for the Anzac Parade through the CBD later in the morning.

“Because of the early start, participants can forget to take their tablets before they go, or fail to take their next dose or their inhalers with them and this can result in adverse side-effects,” he said.

“It’s a good idea to pack your medications in your bag or jacket pocket the night before so you can’t forget them.”

However, if you do forget, Mr Martin said St John will be there to help.

“Fainting, dehydration, shortness of breath and heat exhaustion are also very common on Anzac Day and it’s important that people receive treatment immediately from St John if they begin to feel unwell,” he said.

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