St John Giving welcomes HIF as a founding partner

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  • HIF and St John Giving, the charitable arm of St John WA, have come together to form a unique partnership that will help provide vital first aid training and healthcare to the Western Australian community.
  • As St John Giving’s first founding partner, HIF has committed $200,000 towards supporting key St John Giving initiatives that address a variety of needs for vulnerable, disadvantaged and at-risk Western Australians.
  • The partnership will contribute to the growth of St John WA’s First Aid Focus programs, its Community Transport network and to its First Responder App.

St John Giving has welcomed national health insurance provider, HIF, as a founding partner to support the charity’s ongoing initiatives that provide the community with tools that help save and protect the lives of Western Australians. 

Through developing initiatives such as the St John WA First Aid Focus program, St John Giving and HIF will work together to help build community confidence in healthcare, further develop St John WA’s education programs, and will help close the gap to easy access to health services and education, specifically in regional networks.

With its member-centric approach to services, HIF aligns closely to St John WA’s core purpose to provide access to high-quality healthcare experiences.

St John Ambulance CEO Michelle Fyfe said the partnership would be incredibly valuable to the community, building St John WA’s footprint to support the local healthcare infrastructure.

“We’re looking forward to bringing to life this partnership through new and existing initiatives. With the support of HIF, St John Giving will be able to further increase its impact in the community,” she said.

“Community confidence in healthcare is extremely important, which is why we place extreme emphasis on building resilient communities through programs such as First Aid Focus. By developing these initiatives, we can get one step closer to a stronger state.”

The first HIF-funded initiative is set to launch in the coming weeks, with St John WA expanding a newly launched Community Transport Service into the Southwest that will help connect isolated members of the WA community to important healthcare services.

HIF CEO Justin James said partnering with an institution such as St John WA was important to better improve access to vital healthcare for all Western Australians.

“As a health fund, HIF is always looking for ways to provide better access to high-quality healthcare for our members and for the wider community, and this partnership will do just that,” he said.

“By helping to expand St John WA’s community transport service to regional locations, those roadblocks for the community to visit hospital or an important medical appointment are no longer there. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are looking to do with St John.”

“We are very excited to announce further programs in the future that will see HIF assist St John with other important initiatives that we feel will make a big difference to the community.”  

St John Giving launched late last year as the major fundraising arm of St John WA. The partnership with HIF will span two years, officially launching this month.

Editor’s note: St John Giving initiatives and what they deliver

   First Aid Focus  St John Ambulance offers free first aid training to students, so they know what to do if they are faced with a first aid emergency.St John WA have over 130 years of experience as the leading provider of first aid training with nearly 500,000 participants annually.The programs range from Kindergarten to Year 12 
  Community Transport Services  The St John Community Transport Service provides a vital transportation service to help the community.Currently offered in multiple locations across Perth, Goldfields, Southwest, Great Southern and Wheatbelt 
  First Responder App  The St John First Responder app allows qualified first aiders in Western Australia to sign up and become a registered first responderAdditionally, the app sends GPS coordinates to the operator when Triple 000 is called, speeding up dispatch timeOver 300,000 Western Australians have downloaded the app 
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