St John WA launches lifesaving first aid toolkit for tradies

  • St John WA launched a free 15-minute online course to arm construction workers with lifesaving skills,
  • The First Aid for Trade course addresses both physical and mental safety for tradies, aiming to tackle alarming mental health statistics across the industry,
  • Launched on April 28 to coincide with World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

In recognition of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, St John WA (SJWA) has launched a free online course which provides tradies with the tools to stay safe on the job, both physically and mentally.

The First Aid for Trade course encourages construction workers to spend 15 minutes completing an industry-specific, newly developed course that spotlights mental health and first aid.

SJWA Business Development Manager David Waters said that the course would be a great addition to the construction industry’s ‘toolkit’ for first aid and mental wellbeing on and off site.

“Safety and first aid are paramount considerations in what is an already high-risk occupation, but a little-known fact is that construction workers are six times more likely to die from suicide than from a physical accident in the workplace,” he said.

Data from not-for-profit organisation MATES in Construction suggests that every year, nearly 200 Australians working in the construction industry take their own lives – that’s a rate of more than two per day.

“We know that these figures increase in the youth cohort too, which is an additional challenge in an industry that is already struggling to recruit the next generation,” David said.

SJWA has long advocated for workplace safety through increased first aid and mental health education, and with construction workers making up 9.5 per cent of the workforce in WA, a stronger focus on their safety has never been so important.

SJWA Industry Medical Services medic Geordie Torrese

SJWA Industry Medical Services Medic Geordie Torrese said his experience working onsite had highlighted the growing demand for physical and mental health awareness.

“As a medic in the construction industry, I see firsthand the need to actively foster a culture of safety and support tailored for tradies,” he said.

“I think the First Aid for Trade course will be invaluable in promoting this.”

Forming part of SJWA’s commitment to building safer and more resilient communities through accessible services and education, the free online course covers DRSABCD, management of site related injuries, how to find and use an AED, and mental health first aid.

The First Aid for Trade course is now available, and only takes 15 minutes to complete, which could mean the difference between life and death.

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