St John WA marks record numbers in exceptional and outstanding service

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  • A record 352 St John WA frontline staff recognised for their dedication to WA’s primary provider of ambulance and first aid services;
  • The Recognition Awards had to be split over September and October events as numbers were up 60 per cent on last year’s record of 220 recipients;
  • St John welcomed graduating paramedics and paid tribute to the sad passing of the Sovereign Head of the Most Venerable Order, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

St John WA today acknowledged a record 353 frontline staff for outstanding and distinguished service to St John and the community of Western Australia.

The Recognition Awards event was originally scheduled in February but delayed due to COVID-19 and had to be split over two events in September and October because of the high number of recipients, up 60 per cent on last year’s record of 220.

The 2021/22 Recognition Awards included the following categories:

  • Paramedic graduates
  • Service Award recipients
  • National Medals to operational staff
  • First, Second and Third Clasp to National Medals

Among the Service Award recipients for more than 30 years were three country paramedics, whose training and upskilling of volunteers have been instrumental in supporting their regional communities.

The ceremony was officiated by Di Darmody and speakers included St John WA Deputy Chairperson Sally Carbon and Acting Chief Executive Officer Antony Smithson.

Mr Smithson congratulated the 352 service award and medal recipients, paramedic graduates and direct entry paramedics, half of whom will be awarded at the October 18 ceremony.

“Every day across the state, people will invite St John into their lives, their homes and their most vulnerable moments, and many families have remained united due to their heroic efforts,” he said.

“The workforce has been at the forefront of innovation to deliver a stronger Western Australia, including introducing defibrillators to ambulances, pain medications and clinical care in line with or ahead of our peers.

“Then there are those whose service might not be on the frontline but are in a support or administrative role, those contributions have been importantly acknowledged for the first time in the Service Awards.

“Congratulations to everyone whose hard work, dedication and trust brings pride to the St John roundel.”

Ms Carbon said the ceremony marked an important year in St John’s long legacy in WA, when service to humanity in building resilience, and relieving sickness and distress could not have been greater.

“St John has delivered a century of ambulance to the community of Western Australia and been recognised for 130 years of First Aid, with its advocacy now seeing first aid being expanded in WA schools.

“2022 also marks the 75th anniversary of St John’s Commandery, which acknowledges and is guided by those who contributed outstanding long service to the community through St John.”

Ms Carbon paid tribute to the sad passing of the Sovereign Head of the Most Venerable Order, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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