St John WA Paramedics help donate medical supplies to Koala hospital

Press Release

The recent fires across the Eastern States have caused detrimental damage to our bush land, affecting precious wildlife and their homes. Hundreds of wildlife are feared dead as the fires continue to ravage across the country.

Amongst the wildlife affected by this national climate emergency, koalas are being found burnt with severe injuries and requiring emergency care. The Koala population is already under threat but as they live in trees and are slow moving creatures they are sadly incredible vulnerable against bushfires.

St John staff and volunteers have taken the initiative to help treat the affected koalas by sending medical supplies over to the Two Llamas Environmental & Social Projects and the Port Stephens Koala Hospital in New South Wales.

The charitable donation lead by St John WA Paramedics, Brooke Hodgkinson, Sharron Holme, and supportive husband George Holme, was prompted after seeing the affected koalas in the media. 

The first shipment of supplies was successfully transported in the last couple of days thanks to Land Transport, who kindly donated their services to the cause. 

St John WA is currently working towards initiating a second shipment of supplies to help in this devastating national emergency. 

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