‘Superstar’ mum delivers identical twins on the bathroom floor with help from St John WA

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A Morley mum who gave birth to identical twin boys on her bathroom floor in under 16-minutes has been reunited with the St John WA team who helped the trio through their remarkable delivery.

Amy Turner was at home alone with her three sons, all under six-years-old, when she felt her first contraction on the morning of January 30.

But with plenty of experience delivering babies and more than seven weeks to go until her due date, the mum of four didn’t break a sweat.

Amy continued making breakfast for her boys while her contractions got worse, and she soon realised her twins were readying to make their entrance much faster than expected.

STORC midwife Laura Robertson with Leon and STORC Lead Mel Gardiner with Jacob.

After phoning her partner to come home from work and her midwife at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Amy called Triple Zero (000), just before 8am.

But SJWA Communications Officer Keta Lemmon could hear the babies weren’t going to wait for their ride.

Amy went into the bathroom and, minutes later, her first baby boy Leon was born.

“It was very surreal, I just couldn’t believe it, I had just birthed my own first twin,” Amy said.

“I was trying to stay as calm as I could, and I was trying to make sure the kids didn’t come in too because I didn’t want to traumatise them.

“And more to the point I didn’t want to make a mess on my floor.”

Keta praised Amy for keeping her cool during the dramatic moment.

New mum Amy turner (centre) with St John WA Communications Officer Keta Lemmon with Leon and Ambulance Paramedic Cassie Mennie with Jacob.

“(She was) one of the calmest, compliant callers giving birth I had spoken to,” Keta said.

“It’s always a relief when you hear the first baby cry, just hoping that the crew get there so they can support mum and bub, and second bub when they get there.”

Paramedics Cassie Mennie and Lauren Loiacono arrived soon after to find Amy’s young sons happily eating breakfast at the kitchen table, unaware of the scene unfolding in the ensuite.

By the time they found Amy tucked away in the bathroom, the second twin was ready to join his brother.

On-call midwife Laura Robertson was listening in every step of the way over the phone helping the “superstar” mum deliver her second twin Jacob shortly after.

“It was the quickest twin birth I had ever known, and that mum was so calm and sensible as it spontaneously happened – women’s bodies are made to do this,” Laura said.

“I was so glad to be part of a team of health professionals who could provide comprehensive care to them all as it unfolded.”

STORC midwife Laura Robertson and Ambulance Officer Georgia Hughes are reunited with baby Leon.

Laura is part of SJWA’s State Obstetrics Referral Call program, a team of midwives who are ready around the clock to provide expert advice to crews and patients during childbirth.

Since the program was launched in May last year, the team has helped with more than 20 deliveries across WA.

It was this expertise that enabled Laura to hear that Jacob was experiencing respiratory distress soon after his arrival.

She knew he needed to get to the hospital fast, and organised for an ambulance to transport the baby under Priority 1 conditions.

“Within a few minutes I heard twin two start to labour with breathing, which was not surprising given his prematurity,” Laura said.

“Twin one was still pink and well, but we were all keen to get this premature pair into hospital quickly.”

The babies – and Amy – were taken by ambulance to King Edward Memorial Hospital where they spent more than four weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit.

On Monday, the SJWA team welcomed them home in a heartwarming moment captured on camera.

After an “extremely hard” pregnancy which resulted in multiple hospital stays, Amy thanked the women for their support during her whirlwind 16-minute delivery.

“They were all amazing, I don’t know if I could’ve done it without them,” she said.

Watch the full story on 7News here.

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