Thank a First Responder Day spreads gratitude to ordinary people with extraordinary spirits

Press Release

Australia has more than 300,000 first responders who are there for community when they need it most.

At St John, our First Responders include our call-takers in the State Operations Centre who are often the first voice someone will hear on their worst day, our on-road personnel including paramedics and volunteers, and our registered first aid-trained responders on the First Responder App who may be called upon to help others in an emergency.

We asked Western Australians why they would thank a first responder, and their responses are heartfelt and beautiful – read them all below.

We’re sharing them with everyone today and welcome you to do the same.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and post your message to our tireless team of First Responders – it’ll brighten their day.

The St John team dedicates a huge part of their lives to protecting and keeping us safe. They are an amazing, dedicated and committed group of people that make us so successful at what we do, and it’s this that makes our first responders so valuable.

And to our colleagues in emergency services – from firefighters who battle the infernos, marine rescue teams, police and lifesavers working to find missing persons and keep our communities safe, SES men and women who leave their own families at home to ensure another family has a roof over their heads, a big thank-you from the Team in Green.

We owe you, and the families and communities who support you – a debt of gratitude.

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