Thank you – from everyone

Press Release

When we asked people why they wanted to say ‘thank you’ to a first responder, we had no idea how many amazing responses we would get. From young children in the city to older residents of regional communities, these messages have warmed our hearts.

St John paramedics, call-takers, volunteers, and first responders deserve every bit of praise.

So on Thank a First Responder Day, we are sharing these messages of gratitude for everyone to read.

They are always there when needed.
– Andrew 

For all the hard work and dedication you are amazing.
– Felicity

You guys do an amazing job, very special bless you.
– Crystal 

Thank you for all that was done 4 & 5 years ago when my late parents needed ambulance assistance much appreciated.
– Nola 

They saves people’s lives in 3 seconds and they drive really fast and the people rely on the crew because they are amazing heroes.
– Anon

They help people in an emergency.
– Tia

You are there when we need you most.
– Kristen 

They are so kind, caring, helpful and do so much for all of us.
– Sara 

They save lives.
– Rachel 

They help people, and when I was in one you saved my life.
– Mandy 

Thank you for all your hard work.
– Edwardo 

They do good work in the community and I feel safe knowing I can call them any time.
– Paddy 

It’s a vital and important service in our community.
– Kirsteen 

Thank you for the wonderful work you do.
– Joanna 

They are an important part of society helping our most vulnerable.  A very selfless job well done.
– Claire 

I work in a school for students with disabilities and we call on you to save our students’ lives thank you.
– Kristen 

Thank you for all the hard work you put in, you are all widely-recognised.
– Jake 

They save and help people, they are nice and kind.
– Emily 

All the tireless work you do for the community, the first responders.
– Daniel 

Congrats and thanks for the job you do.  It is an incredibly tough job and you make a difference.
– Paul 

You do so much for the public of WA. You work in such a stressful job and are unsung heroes of the pandemic, look after yourselves, self care is important.
– Patrick 

Because you are wonderful, caring professional people who put the community first.
– Molly 

Thanks for working crappy hours and sacrificing your own family time.
– Kim 

They help people get better.
– Leonie 

They do an amazing job in challenging circumstances.
– Charlotte 

It takes an amazing person to do what you do and see what you see and still go to work day after day.
– Kylie 

Without them my mum wouldn’t be alive. Thank You.
– Rianna 

Without you so many lives would be lost, you are all so brave, kind and helpful.
– Chloe 

For your service in saving lives.
– Clinton 

They took such amazing care of my 4 year old when he was unwell and very scared.
– Gemma 

Thank you for sometimes doing a very thankless job.
– Bronwyn 

You are an amazing group of people.
– Shaun 

Anytime we need you, you are there, thanks for everything you do for the community.
– Mel 

We have great admiration for the support and care they provide to all of us in need.
– Wade 

I have friends who are paramedics and I am a nurse and without us the healthcare system would be nothing – Super Heroes.
– Joey 

They give up their weekends, social and family life to care for the local community. Thank you.
– Kirra 

You are lifesavers.
– Wendy 

They came out once when I collapsed with bronchiolitis and do such a good job.
– Evangeline 

You are amazing people and we appreciate you.
– The Kelly Gang

Thank you for looking after other people.
– Alex 

You do an amazing job every day.
– Karen 

Connor (5) says because you helped him stop his nose bleed, he is very thankful.
– Lucas 

You do amazing work that I never could.
– Rick 

They helped me when I was sick and took me to hospital.
– Zhelan 

They keep us safe at events and everywhere we go.
– Rebecca 

We all need your help sometimes in our life. More than once.
– Mick 

We know you are always there to help us when we need it, thank you for all that you do.
– Layla 

I broke my leg a few years ago and the ambulance was there ready and immediately took to the hospital.  I will forever be thankful.
– Imran 

The amazing job they did in transporting family members to PCH.  Your dedication, skills and support saved the lives of 2 people I love. xx
– Hetty 

Paramedics are the best, they are life savers and they help anyone in need and never quit or back out, you are the best top people in the world.
– Carolyne 

Thank you for saving my life.
– Kathryn

Thank you, it is such a selfless job.
– Nikki

You guys are amazing humans.  I would like to thank you for all you do but also helping me being a silly 17 year old.
– Lacey 

Keeping us safe and alive and helping people who fall down.
– Rebecca 

They are awesome and have saved my life on numerous occasions.  Thank you
– Vicki 

They put themselves on the line every day to save us and our loved ones.
– Steven 

You kept my daughter’s father alive enough to get him to the hospital.  She is forever grateful.
– Amy

We greatly appreciate the wonderful work you do, you are our heroes.
– Naggie 

You guys are amazing, you are always here to help and protect us, thank you.
– Sophia 

What more can I say, thank you
– Talena 

Charlie says thank you.
– Sam

They help us in our times of need and when we need someone to be strong for us when we can’t.
– Anon.

They do such a great job to help all of us keep it up we need you. xx
– Michelle 

Thank you for your hard work and saving lives and thanks for the fast responses.
– Tazmin 

Thank you so much for the great work you all do, there have been 2 occasions that come to mind where I needed you help and you came and helped me.
– Alexa 

You do a great job turning up to incidents where no one else could.  
– Darren 

Thank you for the life saving work that you do.
– Tim 

The awesome job you do and the TLC you give to their clients.
– Shaunne 

When we are in need you are here quickly to bring us to hospital and save our life.
– Anon.

They help us when we need them and do amazing things for our community.
– Louise

Almost 9 years ago I needed assistance to transfer to KEMH after my 2nd home birth. Thank you.
– Mandi 

Thank-you for saving us all every day of the year.
– Jessie-lee 

Thank you for saving lives.
– Leah 

We know you will be there when we need you the most.
– Stephanie 

You work hard for citizens and save lives for many people.  
– Sai 

You guys are the true superheroes, especially the vollies where we live in Williams.
– Rebecca 

Thank you for looking after Zen when he cut his chin.
– Michael 

They help keep us safe.
– Zoey 

They help people.
– Isla 

Thank you for helping us.
– Suzie 

My uncle is awesome.
– Kobi 

The non-stop amazing dedicated kind work they do everyday without question. Thank you.
– Rikki 

They helped my daughter out with a suspected anaphylactic reaction.
– Rachel

Thank you to all the paramedics, we need you always, thank you for helping my friend.
– Ruth 

They always put themselves first.
– Derric 

You saved my life.
– Denise 

It is a thankless job that requires a big heart and love for all.  Always the officers are positive and encouraging despite the trauma and traumatic events they bear witness to.
– Shane 

Thank you for all that you do.
– Graham 

They are always there when we have needed them for physical and mental health.
– Paula-Lee 

They all do such an amazing job.
– Brandt 

Keep up the good work and stay safe. Unsung heroes who do an amazing job under trying circumstances.
– Kate 

Fantastic explanation of how you can save a life.
– Tracey 

Without them who would help us in times of need.
– Michael 

It takes a special person to do what you do, care that you give, thank you so much for a job well done and for a profession that must be at times very stressful.
– Cathleen 

They go above and beyond to help people.
– Louise 

I love St John’s thank you for your work.
– William 

They are super skilled first responders and a vital part of our health care system.
– Pania 

Before I even saw my first full day in this world I required NICU transport to PMH.  You came and got me and even let my mum meet me before you took me for my ride.
– John 

They saved mine and my sons life at 30 weeks pregnant. Forever thankful for these earth angels.
– Karmen 

I am a severe asthmatic and have nearly died several times had it not been for St John being so amazing and quick I wouldn’t be here. I cannot thank them enough.
– Carla 

You helped my when I got burnt.
– Fahia 

They were kind and understanding during a distressing time 5/5 Stars.
– Katie 

Albany ambulance driver for assisting and transporting grandson to RFDS and onto Perth. Fabulous care and consideration for our daughter who was terrified with her 10 day old son.
– Yolanda 

Without them I would have died at 21. Their actions led me to becoming a volunteer, first aid trainer and to begin my studies in paramedicine.
– Caity 

They did everything they could to help save daughter’s daddy.  
– Donna 

For saving lives.
– Prisco 

They do an amazing job supporting our community and looking after us.
– Emma 

You have saved my life on more than one occasion. You do a fantastic job.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– Adriana 

Thank you all very much you save everyone’s lives every day.  Thank you for saving my life and my family.
– Maria 

You risk your own lives everyday not knowing what your day will bring in order to help people you have never met. You truly are life’s carers & invaluable, thank you so much.
– Karen, Natalia and Kaitlin 

You do such an amazing job especially under such hard conditions, we are so thankful for what you do.
– Tammy 

They help no matter what, they go into danger when everyone else runs away. They are often 1st to arrive to help.
– Sarah 

When my 9mth old daughter was not breathing the ambulance team came very quickly and helped her.
– Khila

Krystal and Adam helped Bella from Midland hospital to PMH and she still remembers watching Monster High on the way. Thanks for making her trip that much easier.
– Nicole

Being a type 1 diabetic for 29 years I have been in more ambulances than I would like to admit. I literally wouldn’t be here today without you. Thank you with my whole heart.
– Jemma

Respect and care demonstrated alongside skill and professional competence. I have had handover from many ambulance officers in my role as an ED nurse, they are excellent caring people.
– Cliff

Two officers came out to my workplace after I was seriously assaulted and took me to FSH, also took my son to PCH after he was bleeding badly from tonsil surgery. Took great care of both of us.
– Trent 

I stuffed my leg at Yallingup beach and could not walk. It took ambos and 10 guys to walk me off the sand.  Ambos were kind and caring and left my pants on when they weren’t meant to. My dignity was assured by their professionalism.
– Andrew

My 2 year old daughter has needed your help 3 times now.  Most recently 1 week ago when she stopped breathing and turned blue.  Thank you for reassuring me that even in the scariest times you will always be there to help. She is always happy to take a ride in the ambulance.
– Jodi 

Thank you Sensie Karen Hollings for being such a kind and caring paramedic. Love from Olive, Joshua and Declan.

They saved my daughter’s life when she was 9mth old and she stopped breathing. Thank you a billion times.
– JH

Of the amazing care they provided to both my girls on 2 separate occasions. What an amazing job you guys do we appreciate you very much.
– Kristy

My daughter had a major head injury, you calmed her and myself, we are so lucky to have you.
– Vanessa

Thank you so much for your service. As someone who suffers from mental illness I appreciate the support you provide for those in a crisis.
– Harriet 

Not only one but a few of the officers who introduced the VR that would teach the children to respond to first aid which is a great way to teach the children.
– Yama

They saved my mother in law when she had a fall, fractured her hip and knee at 93.
– Ted

If it was not for you our son would not be here. He was born with SUT, you help take him to hospital and did the same with our younger son.
– The Pickerings

They are the real-life angels. They do everything to make sure the health and wellbeing of us all. My daughter once had an asthma attack and she had to be taken by ambulance. The officers were very helpful and caring.  They made her feel well straight away and made us all feel grateful.
– MM

You are wonderful, such a special person to do what you do.  I cannot thank you enough.  May your heart be filled with love and light.
– Bree

Go Katie Calderwood!!!
– Ben

I would like to thank the first responders who were at the scene of my nephew and his stepsister’s fatal crash in Geraldton, with love from the family.
– Sarah

You peeps are the earth angels keeping us safe. There are no words for my gratitude, knowing all that you see and deal with in your day.  You keep our civilizations civil, be proud and my eternal thanks to you.
– Lorenz

I was 36 weeks pregnant when I had a big bleed at home. My blood pressure went through the roof as I was terrified but they were extremely reassuring and calming. Thank you
– Bryony 

You do a great job to be there in our time of need, day or night, I appreciate your time and care.
– Rob

My son ran through a glass door and cut his forehead and severed 2 nerves in his finger and thumb. The paramedics arrived very quickly and were so kind even when he kicked one of them. Thank you so much for everything you all do.
– Phoenix

Thank you for saving my dad this year for 1. His Car accident in Jan.  2 his heart attack in Feb, 3 his Sepsis in Feb, 4 Infections in March.
– Julie & Cleo

They are always there to help and they make sure the ones we love come home to us.
– Amy

Thanks for the hard work you are doing.  As a health worker I know very well how these people do their very hard job. Thanks again. 
– Jomy 

You do the job that I can’t do, thank you.
– Shaun 

Thank you for your care of the community.
– Jake 

They save lives.
– Geoff 

You do an amazing job to help people who really need you. Well done xx
– Janet 

Jon was the best when he helped me when I broke my arm. He gave me a green inhaler which tasted like life savers.
– Rochelle

Thank you for all that you do. We used one for our little boy and they got him to PCH safely and reassured him the whole time.
– Laura 

I think they do a fantastic job, they took such great care of my mother when she had a stroke.
– Jennie 

Thank you for always saving lives, I nearly collapsed doing CPR so now I understand the effort you put in to save lives thank you.
– Carolyne 

For all the care you give us all, for having to deal with all sorts of people in stressful times.  You are all champs.
– Rose 

You do an amazing job.
– Kendall 

Thank you to all the ambos for everything they do in these difficult times, especially my brother Sean Easther.
– Reece

Thanks for helping me in times I would do anything to repay you in the future. We will give money to you.
– Connor 

You do a great service for our community.  A priceless support that we couldn’t do without, take care of yourselves.
– Amy

They do an amazing job thank you for your service.
– Lauren 

You all do an amazing job no matter what the emergency. I have always experienced compassion, professionalism in times of stress and need, thank you.
– Kelly 

You do an excellent job at saving lives thank you.
– Rosie 

Such heroes in our community that are so under-valued, thank you for your hard work and dedication.
– Natasha 

It is a thankless job sometimes, I am extremely grateful, keep up the great job and stay safe.
– Zvon 

Without them there would be many people not able to recover from their injuries.
– Chris 

They help to save lives and care for people.
– Jess

Thank you for all you do.
– Bonnie

Thanks for taking daughter to hospital when she dislocated both elbows at same time.
– Fiona

They are fantastic and save lives and go through red lights.
– Michael

They help people and are so brave and selfless, thank you.
– Olivia

They are an essential part of our community and they do their jobs with such love, care and empathy.
– Maria

For keeping us safe, helping us in times of need and for being role models and heroes, thank you for putting your lives on the line every time you go to work.
– Kimberley

Thank you.
– Kaleb

Thanks for your good service.
– Ray & Helen

For keeping everyone safe.
– Laura

Thank you for all you do.
– Chase 

You put others first.
– Gareth

For all their hard work and dedication – thank you for all you do.
– Jemma

They get people to hospital quick while also providing medical care.
– Abagail

The work you do is heroic and inspiring. Our 6 year old daughter wants to follow in your footsteps.
– Shannon  

Thank you for everything you do.
– Renee 

The endless support they give our community.
– Jacqui

They have helped me out so much over my life and also my family as well.
– Jennifer

They put up with me when I was at my worst, even though I didn’t want to go they made me feel better.
– Jasmyn

They save lives, thank you for all your work.
– NS

They help if there is a life-threatening situation 
– Lachlan.

It is reassuring to know someone is available and on call in times of need – thank you.
– Anita

They helped my daughter and kept her safe in a medical emergency.
– Angela

You all do such a wonderful job, over the years we have greatly needed your service and appreciated you more than words can say.
– Ruth

Thank you for everything you do to help us and being on call on all hours day and night.
– Jessie-lee

Took me to PCH when my heart stopped, they looked after me.
– Karen

You have done so much for us, thank you for keeping people alive you are real heroes and life would not be the same without you.
– Katherine

You all do a wonderful job and we all appreciate you so much.
– Ann

For the love and support they offer to all the ill or injured.
– Wyatt

They help people.
– Jack

They have all done so much for my family, saving lives doing an amazing job.
– Madeline

You do the best job supporting our community and when things get tough in the community, we can count on our ambos to be there 24/7, thanks for your service to the community.
– Karyn

Thank you for your hard work in saving lives.
– Adam 

As first responders you see it all, act so quickly all with compassion and professionalism.
– Rachael

Being there if and when we need them.
– Cerise

They help keep our community safe and keep us alive, awesome job.
– Jenie

They are invaluable. I have needed transport before and the staff put me at ease with how calm they stayed and their constant reassurance.
– Kez

You are phenomenal!! I am especially thankful of our country ambo vollies.
– Marnie

There are not many unseen thankless jobs that save lives every day, thanks for the unseen hard work you do.
– Ben

Thank you for all your hard work.
– Pauline

The amazing work and dedication.
– Farhanah

They work hard to save lives, thank you to all the ambulance officers god bless you all.
– Daisy

Thank you for being there for us.
– Anne

They are super heroes.
– Blanca

They treated me when I couldn’t breathe and made me better. 
– Lorrache

You are the heroes often unseen in our community. Thanks for all you do.
– Rob

With many thanks for an amazing job.
– Margaet

They are so re-assuring-calm, confident and patient.
– Janet

The world couldn’t function without them. Countless lives would be lost. Thanks for all that you do!
– Natalie

For the most important job they do.
– Joy

They’re countlessly selflessly giving their help to people. In vulnerable situations. Thanks.
– TN

When I’ve been very ill, you’ve taken me to hospital and you’ve always had the best banter. Big ups for all the incredible sometimes thankless work.
– Toni

Volunteer responds that keep our rural communities safe.
– Trent

Thanks you guys are awesome.
– Nicola

They help look after people on the worst and best of days of their lives.
– Helen

I have had many close calls with the disease I’ve had.
– Chad

You’re always there when people need your help, you’re patient with people that struggle and take your time with every patient.
– Kayleigh

I admire their courage and kindness to help save people’s lives.
– Roxani

Thank you so much for your service. You put your lives ahead of ours and that is something you should be proud of. Coming from someone who has been helped by you. Thank you.
– Lilly

What they do is incredible.
– Casey

You are very special and do a fabulous job.
– Alison 

Thank you for all your hard work! We appreciate you. 
– Karen

Thank you for the amazing job you do for our community and beyond.
– Natalie

For doing what a lot of people can’t.
– Justin

They help people when they are sick.
– Eliana

Without them our rural communities would suffer. Major thanks for always putting your lives on the line for our communities.
– Sarah

They saves people’s lives.
– George

For dedication to helping people.
– Rence

You guys are awesome and such great help to nurses.
– Kayla

I split my chin in the Rottnest and they were so nice.
– Zen

They are an amazing service and don’t get recongised enough. Stay safe guys.
– Sumarnie

It’s great to know someone will come to help if we need it.
– Samantha

You are amazing! 

They do such an amazing job and one day I may be their patient. Cheers for a job well done.
– Gayle

You help our country.
– Luke 

They do an amazing job.
– Casey and Cooper 

Thank you for caring about people and saving lives.
– Kayla

On many occasions being the friendly voice on the other end of the phone when there is an emergency. For always being warm and caring. Thank you.
– Kira

Thanks heaps guys. You are so important to us all, but I hope it’s a long time until I need you.
– Glen

You do an amazing job. You are kind caring and helpful and put up with a lot.
– Ali  

Thank you.
– Matthew

They help us every day.
– Emma

They dedicate their lives to helping others. You do an amazing job.
– Sharon

Professional, caring & compassionate. True heroes every day.
– Marlena

They help people when they are sick, thank you so much for your hard work.
– Alesha

We will probably need one sometime in our life and its comforting to know they are around.
– Ryan

They keep us safe. 
– Lisa

Thank you.
– Christine

Thank you for coming to help me out.
– Karri

Out daughter Tea has had many trips in the ambulance and she has always been beautifully cared for, thank you for always getting my girl safely to PCH.
– Giulia

Tiarna was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2013, the ambos in Rockingham were phenomenal, on many occasions since then with regards to her diabetes related callouts. Thank you.
– Anon

You see trauma as you care for people in accidents, your heart carries the passions to render 1st aid to save their lives, God bless you.
– Colleen

They helped take me to hospital when I was unwell, they are 
amazing at doing their job and helping those in need.
– Tamara 

In August they came and looked after us when out little baby girl had a seizure. They were so reassuring at such a scary time. I will be forever grateful for their presence and looking after us, from home to hospital I couldn’t fault the service.
– Alice

For looking after my dad because he had a motorbike crash.
– Lyla

You have all kept myself and everyone safe, you guys saved my sister once when she was young and my family are forever grateful.
– Cassandra 

Thank you for serving our community and being awesome paramedics.
– Stuart & Taryn

For the wonderful care off the officers gave my husband when he had falls and I could not get him up, you are an amazing service thank you.
– Carol

You save lives every day including my mum’s life when she hurt herself and I am forever grateful for that.  I know that I am safe as long as the ambulance is here and I thank all the paramedics do a wonderful job every day, even if it’s hard at times.
– Olivia

They are always patient, caring and non-judgmental, some are volunteers generously giving up their free time to care for the community. They helped my son on numerous occasions for which I am eternally grateful.
– Leanne

Thank you so much for saving my mum, dad’s, brother’s and son’s life so many times, I will be forever grateful.
– Amy

Thank you.
– Bai

They saved my step dad from his heart attack, thank you so much for all you do and I hope I can be in the medical field life you one day.
– Oliva

Thank you Jame Vine for all you do.
– Bryonnie

When my son choked they came right out and when he turned blue they were there to make sure he was okay, thank you.
– Elijah 

You helped us when my son aged 3 had a febrile convulsion, it was very scary for us and we are grateful for your calm and competence.
– Tamsyn 

In 2019 I had a very bad break of my ankle. The paramedics who attended were so wonderful and without alarming me to how bad it was got me calmly and safely to the hospital. Thank you
– Christine 

Thank you for taking me to Rockingham with my impacted bowel you were brave and made me feel safe – James 10 yrs.
– James 

In 2001 after a serious crash as a passenger I was transported back to Perth. The care I was given was care and love, I was even given a knitted doll to relax me and distract me from the pain, thank you.
– Rebecca

We can’t thank you enough in the wheatbelt for all the lives you save.
– Leeanne

You put yourself in difficult situations often dangerous, yet you still do an amazing job putting the wellbeing of other ahead of yourselves.
– Penny

If it was not you for I would never have been alive, I was born 4 weeks early.
– Gemma

I fell off the wall and I hit my head and split my chin open and they helped me go to the hospital thank you.
– Zane

Thank you guys for a wonderful job you do saving lives.
– Sam 

They keep us safe without them millions of people could have serious injuries and bad wounds. Paramedics save lives and protect us.
– Katelyn

Thank you so much for coming to my school and taking me to the hospital when I broke my elbow, you work so hard each day to save lives.
– Isla

You helped me when I had asthma and took me to hospital.
– Taylor

You saved my life thank you.
– Corrinne

I want to thank all the paramedics. You are all outstanding and do things that most people can’t. You save lives on a daily basis and I don’t think you get as much thanks and appreciation you deserve.  We need more of you.
– Molly

They are the most dedicated humane individuals I have come across, it is not an easy job and they are so special.
– Bruce

I learnt more and now know how to help and call 000 when someone needs help.
– Ella

They do such an amazing job saving lives, I can’t imagine how challenging the Covid times have been. Thank you Kalgoorlie St John for the care you showed our daughter many years ago.
– Mel

Thanks for helping me 28 years ago where I got stabbed in the back and was in ICU. Thank you.
– Gregory

We were at the Royal Show and my little brother got stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction and they took us to the hospital.
– Liam

You often don’t get the chance to thank them at the time you need them. They have saved my family from heartbreak a few times and done it with kindness while working all hours of the day and night – thank you.
– Christy

The Bunbury ambulance team thank you for your amazing contribution for looking after, helping and teaching the community.
– Tanya

To the paramedics thank you for the wonderful work you do. You respond to the most horrific accidents and you still come to our calls no matter how small it may be – thank you.
– Elizabeth

The love, care, compassion they always give our beautiful Evelyn who lives with epilepsy. Thank you for all the tissues, shoulders to cry on and understanding.
– Deleeuw

You are the ones that are the most important. Our granddaughter was born with a hernia and had to be brought from KEMH to PMH with the special ambulance. Our children have been transferred and helped by your services. God bless you and may your lives be filled with love and joy.
– Liz

My best friend would not be alive if it were not for the volunteers in rural WA coming to save her following a serious car accident.
– Karri

They came to my house as my daughter who was a very tiny baby stopped breathing. Although she was fine by the time they arrived they were so patient with me and calmed me down and took us to the hospital. Thank you for your service.
– Clare

My father who is 97 yrs old WWII veteran has used your service more times than I can count. Nothing short of amazing in the way they assisted him and made him feel safe and secure. Thank you for your dedication.
– Robert

Thank you Bullsbrook officers twice over for getting me to hospital to deliver my baby on time 2015 & 2020.
– Gemma

They put so much time and effort into their job. Every experience we have had with paramedics you have been patient and understanding during my worst times. I applaud the caring natures you have, I am a nursing student and I understand the knowledge you need to have.
– Tennille

They saved my life May 2019 – you are all wonderful.
– Fiona

My mum’s knee got a blood clot after her surgery and she was in a lot of pain but the ambulance came and took her to the hospital.
– Lillyana 

Thank you so much to all of the amazing ambulance you are our guardian angels and wheels. When I needed to travel by ambulance your calm and empathetic team made me feel safe and calmed me down at one of the scariest times in my life. Thank you.
– Michelle

They are the first line of defence in saving lives – thank you to all.
– Rupen

They save lives also thanks to the PTO’s professional and courteous.
– Amanda

Thank you for your commitment and volunteering to support our community, a selfless task that you are not thanked enough for.
– Nina

They help so many people.
– Sam

What you do is inspiring, I can barely look at a wound let alone deal with the trauma you guys do.
– Dan

For the training you have to take to be your best and for the patience you have to complete your work, for the empathy you have to be the friend I needed in stressful times.  
– Sue 

My 14 year old has anaphylaxis and chronic asthma, it is great to know you are only a call away.
– Amanda

For the often unpleasant situations they face in order to save lives.
– Julie

You take care of all the community all of the time, our children get excited and wave whenever they see an ambulance they say “look they are on their way to help people”.
– Chrissie

Thank you for helping my dad.
– Evelyn

They do a great job of helping people.
– Rebecca

Thank you for all that you did for my son after he had an accident.
– Xavier

Posted on:

8 June 2022

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