The one thing you need before taking a hike

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With the weather becoming finer – and the Noongar season Djilba about to make way for Kambarang – it’s time to hit the great outdoors.

Western Australia has some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, and so much of it can be seen simply by taking a walk.

But hikers need to be careful.

The WA landscape can be harsh, and there is plenty to be wary of before heading outside.

Sunstroke, falls, exhaustion, and the ever-present threat of snake bites are just some dangers to keep in mind.

St John WA responds to thousands of outdoor and hiking-related incidents each year, with teenage boys most likely to need ambulance help, and men more than twice as likely to need first aid assistance as women.

The South West and Mid West regions of WA see the most ambulance call-outs, with popular sites including Serpentine Falls in the south and Kalbarri’s gorges further north.

A first aid kit is essential for anyone heading out to get in touch with nature.

St John WA has a huge range of packs available, ranging from snake bite kits to a first aid hip pouch.Helping Western Australians for more than 130 years, we have everything you need to deliver adequate first aid in case of an emergency.

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