Town Of Cambridge first to be named St John Safe

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The Town of Cambridge has received the highest level of accreditation and new status of St John Safe. The Town is the first in Western Australia to receive the accreditation and is now one of the most first aid ready places in the state to live, visit and work.

St John WA’s St John Safe program recognises towns, schools and organisations that are fully prepared for any first aid situation, through first aid training, adequate first aid equipment, including first aid kits and defibrillators, and forward planning for emergency situations.

To achieve St John Safe accreditation, the Town of Cambridge worked in partnership with St John WA to ensure they had the best possible first aid coverage and capability in their community.

Prior to St John WA’s assessment, the Town has one defibrillator to 1,647 residents and one 24-hour defibrillator. After making changes to become St John Safe, including  making existing defibrillators 24-hour externally available, the Town now has one defibrillator to every 431 residents, 25 of which are available 24-hours. In addition to this, they have 6,839 residents trained in first aid.

Since the Town of Cambridge became St John Safe there have been six defibrillator activations, with four of these emergency cases surviving to hospital. One of the survivors, Mr. Moffitt owes his life to the on-site St John WA defibrillator at the Wembley Golf Course.

In April 2018, Mr. Moffitt was golfing with friends when he suffered a cardiac arrest at the first tee. His quick-thinking friends commenced CPR, phoned a St John WA ambulance and activated the defibrillator within 6-minutes. Following the instructions on the defibrillator and from the St John WA call-taker, Mr. Moffit’s friends continued to keep him alive until the St John WA paramedics arrived to take over.

Having made a full recovery after this incident, Mr. Moffitt said he literally owes St John WA and the Town of Cambridge his life.

“Having defibrillators readily available is so important, and you don’t realise just how important until you are in an emergency situation like I was. Had the Wembley Golf Course not have had an on-site defibrillator I wouldn’t be here today” said Moffitt.

The Mayor of the Town of Cambridge Keri Shannon said they’re so proud to be the first town to get on board and become St John Safe.

“The more towns, schools and organisations that receive their accreditation, the safer our whole community will be. Having made these changes, our residents can feel safer in their own community and be confident that help isn’t far away.

“We’re hoping to have 10,000 residents first aid trained by 2022”, said Shannon.

St John WA Head of First Aid, Aaron Harding said being first aid ready was so much more than just having a first aid kit or a poster on the wall.

“Our goal at St John WA is to increase the availability and accessibility of first aid in the community, so that West Australians feel confident and capable in times of need and emergency,” Mr. Harding said.

WA towns, schools and organisations can book a St John Safe assessment with St John WA by calling (08) 9334 1233 or emailing Find out more information on the St John Safe Assessment here –

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