Triple zero hero makes the best call

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Six-year-old Emily Smallwood doesn’t look like a traditional superhero.

But to her mum Cara, that’s exactly what she is.

Springing into action when Cara – a Type 1 diabetic – experienced a hypoglycaemic episode last month, Emily made sure her mum was comfortable before dialling 000 and arranging help.

Emily showed confidence beyond her years as she explained to the emergency dispatch operator what the problem was, and where the ambulance needed to be sent.

She stayed calm and remembered everything her parents had taught her, and drew on knowledge gained through doing a St John WA First Aid Focus course at school.

Emily’s quick thinking and bravery earnt her a visit from Kura Bear who gave the year one student a certificate to congratulate her on her actions.

Cara made a full recovery and was full of praise for the paramedics who attended and helped, but her highest praise was for her daughter.

“I’m just so proud of Emily,” Cara said.

“She did everything we taught her to do perfectly.”

St John WA trains more than 50,000 young people each year from pre-kindy to Year 9 through our specially designed age-appropriate free program, First Aid Focus.

First Aid Focus is part of St John WA’s charitable works to build community resilience, supported by St John Giving.

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