WA Emergency Services to rescue winter blood donations

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St John WA and other WA emergency service workers gathered today to launch a lifesaving blood donation campaign to bolster blood supplies as the Australian Red Cross Blood Service issues an appeal for O and A blood types.

The annual Challenge sees emergency services compete to collect the most blood donations.

It’s hoped together their donations will save more than 2700 lives this year, including those like Paramedic Jason Ellis, who has needed multiple blood products since being diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia (APML) last September.

Mr Ellis said he wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for life-saving blood donors.

Leaders from St John WA, the Western Australia Police Force and Department of Fire and Emergency Services gathered at Optus Stadium to launch the 2019 Emergency Services Challenge.

“APML is a type of blood cancer and in the 46 days I was on the ward after being diagnosed – nine of which were in the Intensive Care Unit – I needed 36 blood products. I received platelets, red blood cells and another blood product called cryoprecipitate. Without them I’d be dead.

“Blood donations save lives. I’ve seen it as a former copper, as a paramedic and most recently as a patient, and I would encourage everybody – both my fellow emergency service colleagues and anyone who can – to sign up to give blood,” Mr Ellis added.

Blood Service spokesperson Yvonne Stickland thanked the emergency services for their ongoing support, which she said was needed now more than ever.

“An early start to the cold and flu season has seen up to 1400 donors each day cancelling their appointments already this year. We need blood of all types every day, but right now, as we head into a long weekend, we need people with O and A blood types.

“Patients fighting cancer, infections and blood diseases, and those with severe blood loss from road trauma and child birth are relying on donated blood throughout winter. We’re calling on more West Australians to follow the lead of the state’s emergency service workers and donate blood to give others a second chance at life,” Ms Stickland said.

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